Meet the Founder and Director of AFM LifeStyles Ltd - Anne Frances Mansbridge. Her background is complementary therapies, having qualified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki in 1997, has for over 20 years been providing therapies in the workplace and from her clinic in Hamilton.

Anne Frances has a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your well-being. Before her therapy career, Anne Frances worked in offices both in the private and public sector, mostly in finance and appreciates the stressful working conditions many people face each day at work. She has practiced meditation, yoga, and mindfulness for many years, attending courses and retreats. Wanting to help people live a healthier lifestyle Anne Frances enjoys her work and is very passionate about what she does.


As well as trained in her therapies, Anne Frances is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher offering one to one consultations and group courses delivering the 8 week MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) course. Guiding others to enjoy a more mindful and meaningful life, why not join Anne Frances in one of her workshops or courses and reap the benefits of living more in the present moment.

"I believe today we live in world that can become chaotic and stressful, we have so much "stuff" going on in our lives. Our minds cluttered with all things we "have" to do, and our homes cluttered with "stuff" we think we need. So not only did I want to offer Mindfulness, to help us think more clearly and clear the chaos from our minds – I also wanted to offer help with tidying the chaos in our homes with all the belongings we accumulate." - Anne Frances

Anne Frances is a member of APDO (association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers). Offering a bespoke service to help you clear and tidy your home. She would love to come and help you better organise your home.


When Anne Frances is not teaching Mindfulness and also helping you declutter your home, her second passion is animals, having spent 4 months in Borneo volunteering, looking after orphaned rescued Orangutans and planting trees in the rainforest - now that is certainly a conversation stopper!!


If you would to know more about Mindfulness or would like to declutter your home then Anne Frances would love to hear from you.

Anne Frances