Bringing calmness and order into your home with our specialist decluttering sessions.

A cluttered home environment...

  • Are you stressed and overwhelmed at the amount of stuff in your home?

  • Are you living in chaos?

  • Is your home filled with clutter?

  • Are your cupboards bulging with things you think you may need one day?

  • Do you spend time trying to find things which you can't remember where you have put?

  • Would you prefer a tidy house, free from clutter, where you know what you have and where it is?


A cluttered home environment can cause a cluttered mind. Get in touch with us to help clear away your clutter and bring calmness and order back into your living space.

Declutter living room

Give yourself room to breathe

From tidying a whole house, a garage, a loft or even just a cupboard, or your paperwork - clear away that clutter and give your home and yourself room to breathe.

Perhaps you are moving home? Need to clear the clutter to make your house more attractive to potential buyers - or do you need help to declutter to downsize moving to a smaller home?


It can be difficult to declutter, to sort through belongings many of which hold sentimental value. Especially after a bereavement. It can seem an overwhelming task. We offer a confidential, non-judgemental service to help you.  We work to a strict code of practice. We are fully insured and have PVG Scheme Membership .

Declutter warddrobe

Enjoy the benefits

When you finally do de-clutter you will:

  • Find treasures you forgot you had.

  • Save time- as you will know what you have and where it is.

  • Feel better, happier and much less stressed.

  • Save money - as you will no longer have to buy things you either can't find or forgot you already had.

  • Keeping the house clean and tidy will be easier as there will be less clutter to work around.

We are here to help and advise you. The final choice whether to keep or discard items will always be yours. We will help you decide what to keep, what to give to charity or what you need to discard.

  • Do you use it?

  • Have you ever used it/worn it?

  • Is it useful? Does it serve a purpose?

  • Does it actually work?


We will always re-cycle as much as possible and while decluttering we will assist you with light cleaning duties if required.

Delutter cabinet

Get started

The hourly rate is £35 (with a minimum of 3 hours). A full day 6 hours.


We offer a free half hour telephone consultation with you, or we will come out to your home for a half hour visit to assess the work that you require. This is charged at £25 but will be refunded to you should you go ahead with our service. Please see terms and conditions for more details.


If you need help to declutter your home, get in touch with us today, put a date in your diary now to get organised - we would love to help you !!